Who we are

Esra & Camille

We are a French couple, in our thirties, trying to live a more mindful and a slower life.
We met in 2006 during a hike organized by our university. The first conversation we ever had was about traveling and our experiences in fair trade and organic products.

We had in common the desires to travel, to explore ourselves and to have a positive impact. It turned out that we were sharing a passion for little adventures, outdoor lifestyle and making good things happen.

Esra ♀

French and Turkish.
Advocate for social, environmental changes and wellbeing.
Social innovation consultant, relaxation therapist, freelance writer.
Confortable with French, English, Turkish and Italian.
Love wild landscapes, walking and tea addict.

Camille ♂

French, Swiss and Canadian.
Passionate about visual storytelling.
Freelance photographer and video maker.
Confortable with French, German and English.
Beekeeping aficionado, crazy about hiking and cycle-touring.

A little more context

In February 2014, we gave away and sold most of our belongings, we packed the rest in boxes, and we entrusted it to our families. For a year, we moved in France, sharing a flat with a retired lady in Paris or staying with our friends and families. We needed this time to finish assignments, complete trainings and get ready.
In February 2015, we left France for a trip without a set planning or a defined route, simply Towards East, with the desire to experiment the power of peregrination, be confronted with different lifestyles and cultures, and create more opportunities to enjoy life outside of walls.

It is sometimes hard to answer the simple question “why did you start this journey?“, as for us it is another step to fulfill greater life aspirations. We tried to put some words on these wishes, and called it Our (life) manifesto.

As this second question is also often asked, if you’re wondering what is our professional journey or want to connect with us for this purpose, you can know more here: Let’s work together!