Our (life) manifesto

What we aspire to fulfill

Through our journey, and generally speaking, we wish to evolve towards a greater ability to appreciate the moment, enjoy a lightened life and keep exploring. In other words, to become a better version of ourselves in order to positively contribute around us.

We tried to sum up this “way of being”, and 3 main ideas made sense: Minimalism, Mindfulness and Nomadism.


Less is more. This explains the whole philosophy behind what can sound a little enigmatic. Less stuff, more precious moments, emotions, sharing… For us, learning to enjoy a meaningful life with less is also the promise of reducing our (bad) impacts on people and environment. Zero waste and the idea of leaving no trace are valuable guidelines in our lives.


Being fully conscious of ourselves, developing more compassion and empathy towards us, others and nature. It is only one side of the mindful coin. We see it as a way of becoming better agents of change, be it social or environmental. Spirituality has a major resonance in our lives and mindfulness strengthens our steps on such way.


Peregrinations, short and long-term travels, wandering, we believe all have a positive effect on putting things into perspective, and exploring yourself, and this is what we experience since 2014 when we left our flat. Yet, here we also include the concept of movement, of moving for example out of your comfort zone.

These three principles are not a lens through which we judge others. We do not even pretend that we found something special. They are only the expression of our ideals, directions in which we move.

Why “Neoshepherds”?

We have always nourished a fascination for shepherds.
Without ignoring the harshness behind the poetry, we see in such commitment a journey that shapes hearts toward more compassion, offers space for contemplation and meditation, and teaches the way of a simple and meaningful life.

We see ourselves as “neo” shepherds in the sense that we are inspired and willing to follow similar personal journeys, the only difference being that our ways, roads can be in the midst of crowded urban centers. Our deep desire is to develop this “way of being”, anywhere, everywhere.