Let's work together!

We are often asked what is our occupation.
Camille is a photographer and freelance project manager. Esra is a social innovation consultant, a relaxation therapist and a freelance writer.

Time to collaborate!

We are always thrilled to take part in projects which foster a minimalist and meaningful life. We have a specific interest in initiatives which contribute to solve social and environmental issues, enhance wellbeing, or bear witness of the diversity and challenges of the world.

We will more that glad to get involved through:

– photo and video reports,
– visual and written storytelling,
– organizing and/or facilitating workshops,
– project management and consultancy for positive-impact initiatives,
– sharing our humble experience in minimalism.

For more information, you can have a look at our Linkedin accounts: Camille and Esra. Sauvegarder et quitter

If you have any need related to our fields of expertise, feel free to contact us!

Our professional journeys

We both worked in construction in France, more specifically in promoting and building eco-housing programs as project manager and development manager.

During these 7 years, we wished to expand our horizons, and explore paths which were meaningful for us.

Camille, a gourmet ecologist, trained as a beekeeper and started a small production of honey based on the principles of Warré Beekeeping.
These bee-friendly hives and method consist of keeping bees in a simple, natural and wholesome way, without using harsh chemicals.

Esra, who is into the question of wellbeing and personal change, took two degrees in Sophrology, and became a relaxation therapist. Sophrology is a blend of eastern and western techniques (visualisation, concentration, deep breathing and movements) and aims at reaching a greater body/mind/emotions harmony.

Two years before starting our journey, Esra cofounded a non-profit to foster women empowerment, and worked as a social innovation consultant. Today, she also publishes articles as a freelance writer.
Camille is full-time dedicated to his career as a freelance photographer and video maker.